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Sponsor; Rosedale Guns


Call 765-720-3425 to be a Sponsor will still be going but you MUST post your email and phone number and must be a paid member of the, and you can post in both places.

We will be going to the new will be the

You will have to get a membership to respond to or place an ad for sale.

You will have to pay $5.99 for a yearly membership and agree to terms.

Terms being we will know who you are and what device you are on, where you are at, and everything else about you, so if you decide to post crap, or a scam or fake ad or if you voted for Joe we will ban you, turn you into to the police and at the very least your internet provider will stop your service, either way we win and the idiots lose.

We will be using the new site for deals in Indiana Illinois, and Kentucky mainly but others can join in.

The $5.99 fee is so that scammers and fake posters will be gone and if they do decided to post we will know exactly who they are and can sue them.

I have tried to keep it open and free since 1999 but thanks to a few idiots that have no life other than begging their mommies to let them live in the basement another month and keep paying for their internet I have no choice.

If you think $5.99 is too much let me know ( ) I think it's too low of a price for security.

The new site has images, and you can mark your item sold and remove it at will.

We thank all of you for the last 23 years of support and we welcome all of our friends in Evansville area to finally join in and get the deals too.

Join us at the new site it will be ready July 2022 and fully activated Oct 1st 2022

Thanks Wayne.

Post a new ad your email must be registered at or ad will not be placed.

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Post a new ad your email must be registered at or ad will not be placed.