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Author: Spencer (174.214.xx.xx) - 09/07/2020 (10:15)
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Chainsaw, Curcular Saw Blade Sharpening! We offer the following services:

Chainsaw Sharpening: We will thoroughly clean and inspect your chain for any damage, worn parts, etc., and then we'll sharpen it as well as adjust the rakers/depth guages, and ship it back to you! 

If your chain is in need of repair we offer that repair at an additional rate. If your chain isn't repairable or beyond sharpening we'll recycle it for you for free or return it to you at your shipping expense.

Chains up to 20": $7.00 Chains up to 24": $8.00 Chains up to 28": $10.00 Chains up to 36": $12.00 Chains up to 42": $14.00 Chains up to 60": $16.00

Combo Packages:

Any combination of 6 chains, 24" or less: $38.00. Any combination of 6 chains, 60" or less:$58.00.

(Add $4.00 per chain for carbide sharpening.)

Circular Saw Blades: We clean, inspect and sharpen circular blades from 4-15 3/4", with arbors up to 1"!

All Circular Saw Blade Sharpening is $6.00 per blade.

Note: Customer covers all shipping costs both ways and any required shipping boxes, etc. Shipping costs vary depending on size and weight of chain. Customer pays to ship chain(s) to us, and must pay for sharpening service and return shipping at time of shipping chain to us. Customer must pay for the sharpening service and full shipping costs before chain is returned.) MATTHEW 6:33

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